nVidia G92, C72 and C73 – From Graphics cards to Processors!

31 10 2007

The next generation of graphics cards from NVIDIA has, pretty much as always, been rather illusive. There haven’t been much information available and even the rumors have been rather few. Early such suggested that the G90/92 would before the end of this year and that it would be a perfected G80 architecture. VR-Zone now reports that the chip G92 will arrive in November of this year, which is just about a year from when G80 arrived, which means it’s feasible to believe they are right. Along with the new graphics circuit we will also have at least three new chipset to support them.

According to the source, there are two new Intel chipsets and one new AMD chipset coming from NVIDIA. The C72 and C73 will both be socket 775 and support the coming 45nm processors from Intel. Perhaps we dare to guess the name; nForce 7, and with an i suffix. The main differences are the FSB and memory support, where C73 is the high-end with 1600MHz FSB and DDR3-1600 support, while the C72 only sports 1333MHz FSB and DDR2-1066MHz.

NVIDIA also has a new AMD chipset coming, MCP72, and this one will have support for the new AM2+ processors along with PCI Express 2.0 and HT3.0.

All chipsets will come in several flavors, such as SLI 3×16 and 2×8. The AMD chipset is the only to sport Hybrid SLI. They should arrive about the same time as the G92 chip.