Assassin’s Creed exclusive tracks from Ubisoft

12 11 2007

Assassin’s Creed is just a few days away from hitting store shelves, much to the delight of many a gamer. Ubisoft was kind enough to whet gamers’ appetites with a preview of a few songs from Jesper Kyd’s magnificent score. The songs are called City of Jerusalem and Jerusalem Horse Ride and can be streamed or saved for your aural pleasure. The songs really made me reflect on how far game music has come — these are lush, expansive compositions that match the atmospheric excellence of full feature film scores.


3 Simple Steps to download YouTube videos

30 10 2007

Ever wanted to download your favorite videos from Youtube but failed to do so? Here’s how you can do it the easy way:

  • first find the URL of your favorite Youtube video
  • then go to and paste the video URL into their download box
  • now click ‘Download’ and it will open a new page with the download link