New trailer for Ubisoft’s: Assassin’s Creed

2 11 2007

A new Assassin’s Creed’s trailer has been released.

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Gears of War: PC Review!

2 11 2007

Despite clunky controls, the gears keep turning.

Before a little game called Halo 3 debuted, it was Gears of War that sent Xbox 360 systems flying off store shelves. Its intense graphics, style, gritty story and unparalleled multiplayer made it a must-have game for all 360 owners. A year after its initial console release, the game makes its way to the PC, where more gamers can find out what the hype is all about.



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The story takes place fourteen years after an event called Emergence Day, when a group of creatures called the Locust Horde burst from the ground and launch a full-scale invasion on an otherwise peaceful planet. After countless losses, the humans exercised a scorched earth policy and destroyed their own cities instead of letting the Horde control them. However, the aliens continue their relentless invasion, and every capable person is called to arms, including Marcus Fenix, a soldier imprisoned for dereliction of duty. Players take the role of Marcus to continue the fight.

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10 e-mail habits that waste time and cause problems

31 10 2007

Available as a download: 

Overview: Few communications tools give you as much exposure as e-mail. Unfortunately, mistakes in your e-mail will receive that same exposure. Calvin Sun cites 10 common e-mail habits and missteps that annoy him (and maybe you as well) and explains what you can do differently.

This download is also available as part one and part two of Calvin’s blog series.

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A Birthday on Halloween!

30 10 2007

Ah.. The day of the dead is upon us and i m celebrating my 20th birthday !!

How cool is that!

I just cant wait!!! 😀

This is just a remider…

Anywayz    “Advanced Happy Halloween” *evil laugh* 😉

GRRR! Halloween Pedophiles

30 10 2007

Parents beware: the pedophiles will be out in full force on Wednesday, while your kids are out trick-or-treating in their Halloween costumes.

And little do you know that you might be helping child predators live out their fantasies by allowing your kids to wear inappropriate costumes?

In a simple Web search for “preteen” costumes — for ages 7 through 12 — I found several costumes that would make many a pervert’s day.

For instance, I saw one called “Mega Star,” which might as well be called “Britney in ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ Video Costume.” In other words, NO.

Of course, if that’s not colorful enough for your 8-year-old, you can always shell out for the “Leopard Rock Star,” which — with its midriff-baring top — is sure to get the blood boiling for pedophiles everywhere.

At, by first clicking Halloween and then girls, you’ll be treated to pics of prepubescent girls who make even the most ridiculous JonBenet Ramsey beauty pageant photos look tame in comparison. “Winners” include the “Bad Spirit” cheerleader’s costume. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Power out of thin air!

30 10 2007

The Princeton, N.J.-based company is working on a material that, when combined with another substance, will generate electricity with ambient room heat, Andrew Surany, the company’s president, told CNET this week.

Conceivably, one could take that material and fashion it into a passive fuel cell that can create power by just sitting in an ordinary room heated to about 72 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to self-charging electronic devices.

“It derives heat from the environment” and converts it to electricity, Surany said. “I’m talking about embedding cells into doors or the panels on a car. In a laptop, I am talking about embedding cells into the case.”

And no, it won’t suck out all the heat like some freakish invention from Mr. Freeze on the old Batman show. As long as the sun doesn’t explode or Earth doesn’t get plunged into nuclear winter, it conceivably could produce electricity without effort indefinitely.

Theoretically, one could heat the material, too, to get better results. If you heated one square meter of the material to 100 degrees Celsius, or the boiling point of water, the material could absorb 1.2 kilojoules of heat energy. Converting 5 percent of that heat to electricity would give you enough energy to power a car, Surany asserted.

So how does it work? Syrdec is trying to combine something called the Seebeck effect and the product of nuclear fusion. In the Seebeck effect, electric current can be generated from temperature differentials. Put metals or semiconductors near each other that exist in radically different energy states and you get power. It’s not just theoretical: Germany’s EnOcean, another energy-harvesting specialist, has come up with sensors that get power from the temperature differentials between the interaction material that makes up a pipe filled with hot gases and a material heated to room temperature. Read the rest of this entry »

IM and Chat Room Safety Tips

30 10 2007

Many parents are surprised to discover that children as young as seven and eight years old are entering chat rooms or using the IM (instant messaging) feature on their computers. With preteens and teens, this is a common occurrence. Children no longer spend hours on the phone chatting with a friend. Instead, they can talk to any number of friends by visiting a chat room or instant messaging, and this is their preferred source of communicating.

Go over the following tips with your child to help her protect herself from online predators.

* Never give out any personal information, including a name, phone number, password, picture, address, and school name.
* Do not enter a chat room unless you have permission from your parents.
* Do not respond to instant messages from people you don’t know.
* Never meet a person who has contacted you online without your parent along.