PS3 Phone Features Microsoft Operating System & Plays Nintendo Games

22 11 2007

“That’s right folks, wrap your minds around this — a phone that features Playstation buttons, has a Microsoft Windows operating system, and plays Nintendo games. Confused yet? How about the fact that the phone was made in “Koera” — No, that’s not a typo, that’s what is printed on the phone.”

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Iwata: Nintendo ignoring traditional 4-year console cycle

5 11 2007

In a recent conference to detail Nintendo’s Q3 financial results, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mused on the subject of the firm’s hardware development and industry expectations on when, perhaps, the Nintendo DS will step aside for a new portable. Iwata, however, claimed that Nintendo has thrown the traditional four-year cycle for new hardware out of the window in favour of a more inflexible approach. The DS, he inferred, was still offering up innovation, so it’s place in the forefront of Nintendo’s mind is still secured.

Said Iwata (via Aussie-Nintendo):

“I’m quite doubtful that such a notion of platform cycles can be applied in the future…As we continue our research and study for new hardware, when we will be able to launch a new kind of hardware will actually depend on when we can change entertainment ….. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune 2 beats Wii!

31 10 2007

mostwanted2.jpg picture by FordGTGuy

Forget the Red Sox, Zune has just won CNet’s most wanted gadget poll. The new Zune has rocketed to the top of the pack weeks before the November 13th launch. Word is getting our about the larger glass LCD screen and thinner, smaller size of the Zune 80. Microsoft has invested heavily in R&D to make sure Zune defeats the competition in every aspect. A 27% reduction in size leaves the Zune lighter than the 80gb iPod and it’s still scratch resistant. Existing Zune owners are prepared to receive, free of charge, new Zune 2 firmware features including wireless Wifi sync and 1 click podcast subscription.