Infinity Ward Update on PS3 Call of Duty 4 Matchmaking

12 11 2007

Infinity Ward has posted the following update on their official forums.

“Wanted to keep you informed with the information we’re getting back from the server team. They have made some updates which they feel should resolve the connection problems. If you are still experiencing issues, please provide us with as much important network information as you can, for example:

Your ISP
What’s your Router
NAT level

As much info as you can provide, so we make sure everyone is taken care of.

As always, please let us know if you are still experiencing problems so we can keep the server team on it for you.

A patch isn’t required, this issue is unrelated to the game’s code. It’s a Networking issue with the servers being slammed by the amount of people playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The only real issue is that the servers we’re getting hit really hard, especially with the launch in Europe doubling that traffic, just something that requires optimizing on the server side and we’ve been working with the PSN COD4 Server team from the moment it started having issues assisting any way we can to help them get them up to speed faster.

Thanks for all the patience everyone, and this will not be a long term problem and as I said is merely server downtime issues.”


Call of Duty 4: PS3 vs 360 Movies

7 11 2007

Here they are – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare side by side for the first time. Since we posted a bunch of in-game movies from direct from the Xbox 360 retail code this morning, we’ve had numerous emails asking about the PS3 version.

Head on over to the movie player on your right, or click the thumbnails below, and you’ll see two clips from the opening of the game side by side. Don’t worry, we’ve tried to cut out all spoilers for your viewing pleasure.

Same difference? Let us know below in the comments section.

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Call of Duty 4 Only Running at 720p?

4 11 2007


Thanks to a tip from a fellow reader, it seems that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare may only run at 720p.

First off, the reader claims that the game looks absolutely breathtaking, but it only runs at 720p. The back of the box claims it supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, but his Samsung Full HD TV is only running it at 720p.

His TV has been checked, he is using an HDMI 1.3 cable and the PLAYSTATION resolution is set at 1080p, but the game still only runs at 720p.

To make sure it wasn’t his TV, he tested other Full HD games, like NBA Street Homecourt, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and LAIR. They all ran at 1080p like the box indicated.

Could Call of Duty 4 only run at 720p? We’ll tell you as we find out more.

Here is video to see that the game is running only at 720p

Call of Duty 4: Exclusive video footage

2 11 2007

Get an inside look at one of the great things about the Call of Duty 4 engine – the ability to change lighting and post FX on the fly.

**** Watch the Video ****