Warhound VIP Video Presentation

22 11 2007

New Warhound movie footage captured at game presentation.

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First Call of Duty 4 PS3 Retail Gameplay

5 11 2007

New trailer for Ubisoft’s: Assassin’s Creed

2 11 2007

A new Assassin’s Creed’s trailer has been released.

 Check it out by clicking here

A dumb way to die in Halo

2 11 2007

One moment you’re walking, the other you’re dead. WTF what killed me so instantly?

Normally you wouldn’t know in most games. But this is Halo 3, so you have the ability to play back, switch camera positions and check from every angle of the level… You’ll be surprised who or WHAT was the killer…

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NFS Pro Street DEMO Walkthrough

29 10 2007

Here is a quick preview on the demo that has been officially released by EA in the XBox Marketplace.

┬áHere is a developer’s video..