GRRR! Halloween Pedophiles

30 10 2007

Parents beware: the pedophiles will be out in full force on Wednesday, while your kids are out trick-or-treating in their Halloween costumes.

And little do you know that you might be helping child predators live out their fantasies by allowing your kids to wear inappropriate costumes?

In a simple Web search for “preteen” costumes — for ages 7 through 12 — I found several costumes that would make many a pervert’s day.

For instance, I saw one called “Mega Star,” which might as well be called “Britney in ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ Video Costume.” In other words, NO.

Of course, if that’s not colorful enough for your 8-year-old, you can always shell out for the “Leopard Rock Star,” which — with its midriff-baring top — is sure to get the blood boiling for pedophiles everywhere.

At, by first clicking Halloween and then girls, you’ll be treated to pics of prepubescent girls who make even the most ridiculous JonBenet Ramsey beauty pageant photos look tame in comparison. “Winners” include the “Bad Spirit” cheerleader’s costume. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Simple Steps to download YouTube videos

30 10 2007

Ever wanted to download your favorite videos from Youtube but failed to do so? Here’s how you can do it the easy way:

  • first find the URL of your favorite Youtube video
  • then go to and paste the video URL into their download box
  • now click ‘Download’ and it will open a new page with the download link

Is Dumbledore Gay?

30 10 2007
Depends on Definitions of ‘Is’ and ‘Gay’

In some circles the “Harry Potter” news that erupted a little over a week ago still inspires as much amazement as Hagrid’s pet, the half-horse, half-eagle hippogriff. And the Web chatter has been as deafening as the noise in Hogwarts dining hall before the sorting ceremony determines the fates of entering students. Dumbledore, it turns out, the wise and wizened wizard of “Harry Potter” fame, is taking his place alongside other media figures, like Bert and Ernie and Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies. For all, sexuality has become an issue. Dumbledore is, as his creator, J. K. Rowling, asserted at Carnegie Hall, gay. Read the rest of this entry »