Need for Speed ProStreet Update

3 11 2007

With Need for Speed ProStreet revving its engine and about to roll up to the starting line, we ran through the opening sections of an almost final build of the game to see what’s in store for us in just a few short weeks.

We’ve previously talked at length about how you can create a Race Day online for other players to jump in and play at their leisure. The single-player game works the same way, with events grouped into said Race Days and your goal being to win or even dominate each set of events. Each event in a Race Day, be it a Grip Race, Drag Race or what have you, earns you a number of points depending on your placement, how much you can beat a target time by and the damage total on your car. Once you’ve garnered enough points, even if you haven’t completed all of the events, you’ll be crowned the winner, and if you earn enough, you’ll be deemed to have dominated the event, which earns you extra goodies.

Horsepower and skill are the keys to victory.

When you’ve completed an event, you’ll earn a cash prize as well as a mystery gift. Five “cards” will appear face-down on the screen and you can choose one at random. These prizes range from more cash to a new car to a repair ticket or more.


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NFS Pro Street DEMO Walkthrough

29 10 2007

Here is a quick preview on the demo that has been officially released by EA in the XBox Marketplace.

┬áHere is a developer’s video..

NFS ProStreet DEMO

29 10 2007

NFS ProStreet DEMO is availabe in XBOX Marketplace. Download it now!