Build your own High-Def Projector

31 10 2007

Are you planning to buy a HD projector?
Well, here is way for you to build your own HD projector at a cost of around $750!

Here is a 6 part tutorial on how to build your very own Home Made DB Projector!

Credits: Engadget

3 Simple Steps to download YouTube videos

30 10 2007

Ever wanted to download your favorite videos from Youtube but failed to do so? Here’s how you can do it the easy way:

  • first find the URL of your favorite Youtube video
  • then go to and paste the video URL into their download box
  • now click ‘Download’ and it will open a new page with the download link

Saving Bad Photos: Badly Underexposed

29 10 2007

Quite frankly, I would much rather have a dark, under exposed photo then an overly bright over exposed photo. With a dark photo, at least there’s a chance that there will be enough color data and detail to save the shot. When they’re blown away and too bright — there’s little you can do to put pixels where none existed before.

Sad to report however — so many variables come into play that sometimes the shot cannot be saved no matter what techniques you use.

under exposed photo

One reader who enjoys photographing food on trips sent this photo of the appetizer at the Kia Lodge restaurant at the foot of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This was a shrimp and cucumber moose, and it looks delightful. Too bad we really can’t see it. Yes, I would certainly try to save that shot because you might not be going back too often!

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